Lian may refer to:

  • Gao Lian (Water Margin), a character in the Water Margin series of novels
  • Jia Lian, a character in the novel Dream of the Red Chamber
  • Lian, Batangas, Philippines
  • Lian, Norway
  • Lian (given name), a given name
  • Lian (station), the terminus of Gråkallbanen
  • Lian (surname), a surname
  • Lian Ensemble, a Persian classical music ensemble

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Better Halves (TV Series) - Plot Summary
... Quan Jiafu (Steven Ma), Lian Baihe (Maggie Cheung Ho-yee) and Linghu Hi (Joyce Koi) are matchmakers in ancient China ... Quan and Lian acting in a private capacity and Linghu Hi in an official government capacity ... In the course of their business Quan and Lian come into conflict, before deciding that they can maximise profits by working together ...
Lian, Norway
... Lian is a recreational area located in the border between Bymarka and Byåsen in Trondheim, Norway ... The lake at Lian, Lianvannet, was an important swimming place during the summer, and an old cabin was converted into a beach restaurant ... The area around Lian has many cabins and some houses ...
Lian Ensemble - Style
... The Lian Ensemble is a group of performers and composers ... The Lian is composed of musicians whose diverse musical styles lend to this blend of Mystical world music ... Lian's music flows between a diverse range of styles and traditions, forging a sound that is all their own ...
Eva Lian
... Eva Lian (born 5 September 1956 in Hof, Vestfold) is a Norwegian politician for the Centre Party ... Lian served as mayor of Ramnes municipality from 1987 to 1993 ...
List Of Syphon Filter Characters - Allies - Trinidad
... is a Chinese CSS agent who trained Lian Xing before she joined IPCA, 15 years before the events of Logan's Shadow ... After al-Jamil's downfall, she attempts to force Lian and Gabe to surrender Rei to her ... At the end (after the credits), Lian and Logan find Mujari dead and Teresa severely injured ...