Lethal Industry

Lethal Industry

"Lethal Industry" is a single which appeared in DJ Tiësto first album. Before the album was created he release several singles to see what the popularity and the reaction of people would be about these tracks. He first released "Lethal Industry" in 1999, only three copies were made, the track was cut by 777 Mastering and released in an Acetate 12" vinyl by VC Recordings in UK.

It was officially first released in 2001 and with his next song "Suburban Train" as a B-Side only available in Netherlands. In 2002 a "Lethal Live Mix" was released, it was a combination of the Fred Numf vs. Etienne Overdijk remix, Mauro Picottos remix, and Svenson & Gielen remix. The Radio Edit of Lethal Industry was edited by Cor Fijneman, he is not credited the edit since it is the same as the original track in its radio version, the Live Edit was recorded by Dutch Dimension at Tiësto Solo Amsterdam February 2, 2002.

Tiësto has played "Lethal Industry" along Mason in live performances of the Tiësto in Concert 2 Tour, he became the first DJ to include a violin, and a classical instrument along a turntable. It was also included in his third studio album, Parade of the Athletes which was created due to Tiësto's success in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Tiësto mixed Lethal Industry with Marco V's tracks "Godd", and created "Lethal Godd", which has become very popular due to the lyrics it contains. In 2006, producer and deejay Richard Durand remixed two songs from Tiësto, "Lethal Industry" and the trance anthem "Flight 643", Tiësto included Richard Durand's remix of "Flight 643" in his Elements of Life World Tour (DVD). The music video is taken from Tiësto in Concert 2, the version includes Mason and became a great success, bringing the song higher in the chart positions.

The tune used in "Lethal Industry" was created by Alec Empire in 1992: Alec Empire - SuEcide, Alec Empire - Sueside (Junkie Remix 1995)

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