Let 'Em Eat Cake (Arrested Development) - Synopsis


The Bluth Company is in trouble. Because of the low-carb diet fad (which all the Bluths are on), the banana stand has been struggling. Meanwhile, the model home is falling apart because of shoddy workmanship. Lindsay thinks she has a solution: a new bead business. All she needs is some startup money from Michael. Gob hears Lindsay say "bee" business and vows to start his own. Michael is reluctant to give Lindsay any money, since her previous business attempts failed, but agrees to help her out. Then Kitty Sanchez calls and threatens to bring the company down unless they meet her demands.

Michael goes to the prison, where George Sr. tells him to give Kitty whatever she wants, but to avoid finding out what she knows so he (Michael) can pass his upcoming polygraph test. In the waiting room, Buster and Annyong bet with each other to see who can get a girlfriend first. At the banana stand, George Michael makes a new friend, Ann. As George Michael tries to impress Ann, Maeby watches with disgust.

Michael meets with Kitty, who demands control of the Bluth Company. She tells Michael that George Sr. built houses overseas without paying taxes. Michael decides that paying the back taxes is easier than dealing with Kitty, and leaves. He returns home just as George Michael is leaving to meet Ann. In the kitchen, Lindsay and Tobias excitedly announce that a book Tobias had written years earlier has suddenly caught fire (but only in the gay community). With the influx of money, Lindsay abandons her bead business. On the news show, George Michael's piece has been bumped for a story about American-made homes built in Iraq, homes Michael realizes are identical to the model home.

Kitty and Gob scheme to take over the Bluth Company, and Lucille claims no knowledge about the Iraqi deal. Tobias, meanwhile, is doing a book reading. Lindsay arrives, sees the gay clientele, and realizes that Tobias is still oblivious. Michael argues with his father at the prison; when he realizes his mother knew about the Iraqi deal, he quits the company. Kitty, disappointed with Gob, has moved on to Buster (Buster thinks it's a date).

With Michael gone, George Sr. volunteers to take the polygraph. He suffers a heart attack just as the test gets underway; everyone but Michael gathers at the hospital (no one called him). At the model home, Michael plans to leave town with his son, but George Michael says he wants to stay, for the family's sake. Then they get the belated call from the hospital. At the hospital, Maeby kisses Annyong to make George Michael jealous, but the strategy fails. Michael announces that he will never leave the family. Just then, a doctor comes in and tells the family they have "lost" George Sr. Shocked, the family goes in to see the body. They discover an empty bed, and realize that George Sr. has escaped. Michael reverses course again and tells George Michael they are leaving.

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