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La Grange High School - Fight Song
... And when the dear old Leopards fall in line, We’ll win a game another time, And for the Leopards we will yell and yell, And for the Leopards we will yell and yell ...
Confederation Of African Rugby - Leopards
... The African Leopards are a representative team from Africa which aims to promote the sport throughout the whole of Africa ... The Leopards played their first ever match in July 2005 at Ellis Park as a curtain raiser between Springboks and Australia ...
Sunda Clouded Leopard - Threats
... Sunda clouded leopards being strongly arboreal are forest-dependent, and are increasingly threatened by habitat destruction following deforestation in Indonesia as well as in Malaysia ... The population status of Sunda clouded leopards in Sumatra and Borneo has been estimated to decrease due to forest loss, forest conversion, illegal logging, encroachment, and possibly hunting ... There have been reports of poaching of Sunda clouded leopards in Brunei's Belait District where locals are selling their pelts at a lucrative price ...
Leopards (disambiguation)
... Leopards are members of the Felidae family ... Leopards may also refer to AFC Leopards, a soccer club African Leopards, an African rugby union representative team Dongguan Leopards, a basketball team Essex Leopards ...
Len Choa
... It is a Leopard hunt game (or Leopard game) ... One tiger is going up against six leopards ... The leopards attempt to surround and trap the tiger while the tiger attempts to capture enough of them (usually 3) so that the leopards can not immobilize the tiger ...

Famous quotes containing the word leopards:

    Lady, three white leopards sat under a juniper-tree
    In the cool of the day, having fed to satiety
    On my legs my heart my liver and that which had been contained
    In the hollow round of my skull. And God said
    Shall these bones live? shall these
    Bones live?
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)