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Danever Disappointment
... Danever ran a horrible race and finished 7 lengths behind the winner, He's No Pie Eater ... up a week later in the G2 Tulloch Stakes and he went 6th, 7 lengths from the impressive winner Tipungwuti Pacino ... Danever was under the whip at the 600m and he tailed off last, 76 lengths from the winner Fiumicino ...
Shamardal - Racing Career - 2004: Two-year-old Season
... maiden at Scotland's Ayr Racecourse in which he ran away from the field and won by eight lengths ... He won that seven furlong race by two-and-a-half lengths and in the process defeated Wilko, who went on to win that Autumn's Breeders' Cup Juvenile in the United States ... easily won the Group One event by two-and-a-half lengths ...
Scale (string Instruments) - External Links
... WA's Scale Lengths page -- guitar, bass guitar, mandolin and other stringed instruments ... Instrument plans index giving some scale lengths ... Discussion of the effect of scale length ...
Sulston Score - The Overlap Problem in Mapping
... a set of DNA fragment lengths inferred from (1) enzymatically digesting the clone, (2) separating these fragments on a gel, and (3) estimating their lengths based ... clone comparison, one can establish how many lengths from each set match-up ... Consequently, two fragments whose lengths match may still represent different sequences ...

Famous quotes containing the word lengths:

    There seems to be no lengths to which humorless people will not go to analyze humor. It seems to worry them.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    The minister’s wife looked out of the window at that moment, and seeing a man who was not sure that the Pope was Antichrist, emptied over his head a pot full of..., which shows to what lengths ladies are driven by religious zeal.
    Voltaire [Fran├žois Marie Arouet] (1694–1778)

    You’ll see certain Pythagoreans whose belief in communism of property goes to such lengths that they pick up anything lying about unguarded, and make off with it without a qualm of conscience as if it had come to them by law.
    Desiderius Erasmus (c. 1466–1536)