Lemma may refer to:

  • Lemma (mathematics), a proven statement used as a stepping-stone toward the proof of another statement
  • Lemma (morphology), the canonical form or citation form of a word
  • Lemma (psycholinguistics), an intermediate form a word about to be uttered takes during speech production
  • Headword, in lexicons
  • Lemma (logic), which is simultaneously a premise for a contention above it and a contention for premises below it
  • Lemma (botany), one of the specialised bracts enclosing a floret in a grass inflorescence

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Massera's Lemma - Massera's Original Lemma
... Massera’s lemma is used in the construction of a converse Lyapunov function of the following form (also known as the integral construction) for an ...
Lemma (botany)
... Lemma is a phytomorphological term used in botany referring to a part of the spikelet of grasses (Poaceae) ... A lemma's shape, their number of veins, whether they are awned or not, and the presence or absence of hairs are particularly important characters in grass taxonomy ...
Steinitz Exchange Lemma
... The Steinitz exchange lemma is a basic theorem in linear algebra used, for example, to show that any two bases for a finite-dimensional vector space have the same number of elements ... The result is often called the Steinitz–Mac Lane exchange lemma, also recognizing the generalization by Saunders Mac Lane of Steinitz's lemma to matroids ...
Levi's Lemma
... especially in the area of combinatorics, the Levi lemma states that, for all strings u, v,x and y, if uv = xy, then there exists a string w such that ... Levi's lemma is named after Friedrich Wilhelm Levi, who published it in 1944 ... The above is known as the Levi lemma for strings the lemma can occur in a more general form in graph theory and in monoid theory for example, there is a more general Levi lemma for traces ...