Lei or Leis may refer to:

  • Lei, the plural form of Leu, the name of two currencies. See Romanian leu and Moldovan leu
  • Lei (garland), a Hawaiian flower necklace
  • Lei (surname), a Chinese name
  • Lei, Italy, a town in Sardinia
  • Lei Clijsters, a Belgian professional footballer
  • Lei Fang, a character in the Dead or Alive game series
  • Lei Wulong, a character in the Tekken game series
  • l.e.i. (clothing company) a clothing company targeted at teenage girls

LEI may refer to:

  • Legal Entity Identification for Financial Contracts, LEI - an identification system to track all parties involved in a financial security transaction including: buyer, seller and issuing (or underlying) companies.
  • LEI, the ATA Airport Code for Almería International Airport
  • Leicestershire, county in central England
  • Leicester railway station, England; National Rail station code LEI
  • Index of Leading Economic Indicators
  • LEI Wageningen UR a Dutch research institute
  • Lotus Enterprise Integrator, a Lotus Domino software application

LEIS may refer to:

  • low-energy ion scattering

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