Lego Bionicle Models

Lego Bionicle Models

The following is a list of toys in Lego Bionicle line. They are organized by North American release dates; major differences in international releases are noted, America and Europe being one of the first to receive them.

There are five main kinds of sets:

  • Collectibles are random assortments of pieces to be used as accessories for larger sets. New collectibles were originally released every six months, but were reduced to a yearly schedule as of 2004. Collectibles are no longer released as of 2007.
  • Box Sets are the smallest and cheapest independent sets. Though most sets are packaged in cardboard boxes, this article will use the term to describe these small sets. A group of six box sets were released yearly, though in 2007 there were only four. In 2008, 6 of these were released to correspond with the canister sets, though the boxes themselves were similar to canisters. Box sets contain from around 15 pieces to about 30.
  • Canister Sets are the main focus in the toyline and the storyline, and are packaged in plastic canisters. Groups of six canister sets are released every six months. Canister sets usually contain around 50. 60 or 70 pieces.
  • Titans was a term first used for the 2005 large sets, and fans often use the label for similar large character sets. In this article, it will be used to describe any set larger than a canister set (besides playsets). Most Titans contain more than 100 pieces, though larger ones contain at least 200 or 500.

(Note: The 2007-2009 sets are labeled "Warriors" on For the time being, this article will continue to use the "Titan" label.)

  • Battle Vehicles are the newest types of sets. They feature canister-set-sized characters on a larger vehicle. They were introduced in 2008 and replaced Playsets. They can be classified as a type of Titan. A few Battle Vehicle sets are about the size and cost of normal titans, however these sets are considerably smaller in size and have Box Set size figures in place of the Canister-size figures. One exception to this is the Toa Ignika set, which contained a vehicle and a Canister-sized set as the rider while still maintaining the normal titan cost. However, the skyboard (the corresponding vehicle) is considerably smaller than even other "normal titan" vehicles.
  • Playsets were introduced in 2005 and are traditional Lego construction sets; including minifigures of canister set characters. In 2008 these have been replaced with Battle Vehicle sets (see above).

There are also two kinds of other sets: This list also includes specific promotions; either items packaged with sets or special collectibles available separately. Promotional sets that are officially not part of the toyline are not included, unless they are acknowledged by the storyline. Promotional Bionicle sets are usually under ten pieces and are free.

Other models are not categorized in any of the above. Other models includes a few Bionicle pieces, and sometimes a CD or video. Their prices vary widely. Most other models were released in Europe or America.

Releases are grouped in this list into six-month periods, the beginnings of which are marked by when canister sets are released; usually around January for winter periods and July for summer periods (though due to retail schedules, European "winter" releases begin around March instead).

Some sets are labeled "store exclusive"; they are only available at that store and directly through Lego (both Lego outlet stores and the Lego Shop At Home website), such as an unnumbered set of random Bionicle parts in a plastic bag.

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