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Bouncing Boy
... Boy is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century ... #200 and then left active service as a Legionnaire to become a Legion reservist, appearing only sporadically thereafter until Zero Hour ... he and Duo Damsel were also in charge of training recruits to the Legion's Academy ...
Legion - Other
... Legion (biology), a taxonomic term in biology Legion (software), a computer software system Legion Interactive, an Australian telecommunications company Racine Legion/Tor ...
Win Mortimer - Bibliography - DC
... Action Comics (Superman) #101, 113, 117, 119, 129 (1946-49) (Legion of Super-Heroes) #381-387, 389-392 (1969-70) (Lori Lemaris) #475 (1977) Adventure Comics (Superboy) #119 ...
Alien Legion
... Alien Legion is a science-fiction comic-book series and associated titles created by Carl Potts, Alan Zelenetz, and Frank Cirocco for Marvel Comics's Epic Comics ... It features a military unit, Force Nomad, similar to the French Foreign Legion ...
Alien Legion - Publication History
... Alien Legion — cover-titled The Alien Legion for its first series and initial graphic novel — features a military unit, Force Nomad, similar to the French Foreign ... and in 1984 Marvel Comics' Epic Comics imprint launched the first of several Alien Legion miniseries and one-shots ... Potts said in 2000, The original concept was the 'Foreign Legion in space' and all the legionnaires were human ...

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    I am sometimes told that “Women aint fit to vote. Why, don’t you know that a woman had seven devils in her: and do you suppose a woman is fit to rule the nation?” Seven devils aint no account; a man had a legion in him.
    Sojourner Truth (c. 1797–1883)