Leghorn may refer to:

  • Livorno, an Italian port city, traditionally known English as Leghorn
  • Leghorn (chicken), a breed of chicken from Tuscany
  • Foghorn Leghorn, cartoon character of that breed
  • The naval Battle of Leghorn, 1653, during the First Anglo-Dutch War

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Clyde Rabbit - J - Junior Rooster
... co-starred with Daffy Duck or Foghorn Leghorn ... appeared in two cartoons The Up-Standing Sitter, with Daffy Duck and Broken Leghorn, with Foghorn Leghorn ...
Little Boy Boo - Censorship
... cartoon, the part where Egghead hits Foghorn Leghorn with a baseball bat after Foghorn asks him what a baseball bat is used for is cut ... On the CBS version of this cartoon, the part where Foghorn Leghorn shakes up the contents in Egghead's test tube (and the explosion that follows) was cut (yet the end where Foghorn Leghorn was bandaged up ...
A Fractured Leghorn
... A Fractured Leghorn is a 1950 Foghorn Leghorn cartoon made by Warner Bros ... When he speaks at length to Henery Hawk in Leghorn Swoggled the next year, his voice lacks the slobbery lisp that defines the voices of both Sylvester and Daffy Duck ... That is one of few Foghorn cartoons where Leghorn is not put at odds with Henery Hawk and/or the Barnyard Dawg ...
List Of Loonatics Unleashed Characters - Other Possible Descendants - Mr. Leghorn
... Leghorn is a man who is based on Foghorn Leghorn ... Leghorn is the one who fires the starting ball to begin the game ... Leghorn simply poured it all into the Tasmanian devil's mouth ...
Leghorn (chicken)
... The Leghorn ( /lɛˈɡɔrn/, /lɨˈɡɔːn/ or /ˈlɛɡərn/), Italian Livorno or Livornese, is a breed of chicken originating in Tuscany, in central Italy ... but by 1865 the breed was known as "Leghorn", the traditional anglicisation of "Livorno" ... White Leghorns are commonly used as layer chickens in many countries of the world ...