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Mining In Roman Britain - Lead Mining
... Lead was essential to the smooth running of the Roman Empire ... The largest Roman lead mines were located in or near the Rio Tinto (river) in southern Hispania.In Britannia the largest sources were at Mendip, South West England and especially at Charterhouse ... and conquest of Britain, the Romans had the lead mines of Mendip and those of North West England and Wales running at full shift ...
Sheffield Archives - The Collections - Family and Estate Records - Bagshawe Family
... North Derbyshire families made their money in the lead trade ... family of the Oakes-in-Norton (Oakes Deeds) include lead-mining accounts of the famous Odin mine at Castleton and other mines ... The largest lead mining archive however comes from a composite collection (the Bagshawe collection), containing many plans, reckoning books, partnership deeds, barmaster's books, and correspondence relating ...
Galena, Illinois - History - Lead Mining
... The city is named for the mineral "galena", the natural form of lead sulfide and the most important lead ore ... In the 1690s, French trappers discovered the area and began mining the lead ... United States Army, successfully shipped Galena's first boatload of lead ore down the Mississippi River in 1816 ...
Holwick - History
... In addition to hill farming of sheep, lead mining and iron smelting was conducted in the mediæval period, with lead mining and stone quarrying increasing in importance ... Substantial quarrying and lead mining did not continue into the 20th century, and the economy of the village has since returned to sheep farming ...
History Of Wisconsin - The Territorial Period - Territorial Settlement
... Many of the region's first settlers were drawn by the prospect of lead mining in southwest Wisconsin ... series of treaties removed the Indians, the lead mining region was opened to white miners ... producing more than half of the nation’s lead ...

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    In strict science, all persons underlie the same condition of an infinite remoteness. Shall we fear to cool our love by mining for the metaphysical foundation of this elysian temple? Shall I not be as real as the things I see? If I am, I shall not fear to know them for what they are.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    It is not stressful circumstances, as such, that do harm to children. Rather, it is the quality of their interpersonal relationships and their transactions with the wider social and material environment that lead to behavioral, emotional, and physical health problems. If stress matters, it is in terms of how it influences the relationships that are important to the child.
    Felton Earls (20th century)