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... Enforcement is the processing of set schedules via dispatching to execution ... with parameters of punctuality, performance and quality is compensated by procedures of enforcement, as e.g ...
Law Enforcement Officers' Bill Of Rights - Details
... the Fraternal Order of Police as follows Law enforcement officers, except when on duty or acting in an official capacity, have the right to engage in political activity or run for elective ... Law enforcement officers shall, if disciplinary action is expected, be notified of the investigation, the nature of the alleged violation, and be notified of the outcome of the ... Questioning of a law enforcement officer should be conducted for a reasonable length of time and preferably while the officer is on duty unless exigent circumstances apply ...
ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division - Power and Authority of ASPCA Law Enforcement Officers
... ASPCA law enforcement officers are New York State peace officers under NYS Criminal Procedure Law 2.10 and may make arrests, use physical and deadly ... ASPCA Law Enforcement officers may seize any stray or abandoned animal on public streets in accordance with N.Y ... Agriculture Market laws Section 373 subsection 1 ...
Law Enforcement In New York - Peace Officers - Federal Law Enforcement Officers
... The federal law enforcement officers listed below have the following powers the power to make warrantless arrests pursuant to section 140.25 the power to ... power to possess and take custody of firearms not owned by the peace officer, for the purpose of disposing, guarding, or any other lawful purpose ... and Naturalization Service immigration inspectors, special agents, patrol officers and deportation officers ...
Outline Of Law Enforcement - Law Enforcement Officers
... Constable Detective Marshal Peace officer Police officer Park ranger Sheriff Special agent Trooper ...

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    No officer should be required or permitted to take part in the management of political organizations, caucuses, conventions, or election campaigns. Their right to vote and to express their views on public questions, either orally or through the press, is not denied, provided it does not interfere with the discharge of their official duties. No assessment for political purposes on officers or subordinates should be allowed.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    America has always been a country of amateurs where the professional, that is to say, the man who claims authority as a member of an élite which knows the law in some field or other, is an object of distrust and resentment.
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)