Laugh Tracks

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Laugh Track - History - Usage in The U.S., Post-1990
... have mostly abandoned the old tradition of laugh tracks for single-camera shows ... such as Dream On and The Larry Sanders Show to run without laugh tracks, and won critical praise for doing so ... Single-camera shows with no laugh track have become increasingly common on broadcast networks as well, with critical and popular hits such as Malcolm in the Middle and Modern Family ...
Laugh Track - History - Controversy and Bucking The Trend in The U.S.
... was aware that his "laff box" was maligned by critics and actors, but also knew that the use of a laugh track became standard practice and as a result ... Leading industry experts reasoned that laugh tracks were a necessary evil in prime time television without the canned laughter, a show was doomed to fail ... That did not stop several from forgoing the laugh track entirely Former child star Jackie Cooper believed that the laugh track was false ...
Javier Calvo - Work - Laugh Tracks
... His first short-story compilation, Risas enlatadas (Laugh Tracks, 2001), shows stylistic elements that differ extremely from those of contemporary Spanish ...

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    The tracks of moose, more or less recent, to speak literally, covered every square rod on the sides of the mountain; and these animals are probably more numerous there now than ever before, being driven into this wilderness, from all sides, by the settlements.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I once heard a woman laugh at that most tragic moment in all drama, the off-stage shot in “The Wild Duck,” and I afterward had her killed, so there will be no more of that out of her.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)