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Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Porto Velho - Leadership
... Archbishops of Porto Velho (Latin Rite) Esmeraldo Barreto de Farias, Ist ... – 1997.09.03) Bishops of Porto Velho (Latin Rite) João Batista Costa, S.D.B ... (1979.10.16 – 1982.06.09) Prelates of Porto Velho (Latin Rite) João Batista Costa, S.D.B ...
Roman Catholic Diocese Of Isiro–Niangara - Leadership
... Bishops of Isiro–Niangara (Latin Rite) Bishop Julien Andavo Mbia (since 2003.02.01) Archbishop Charles Kambale Mbogha, A.A ... (1970.03.23 – 1976.02.19) Bishops of Niangara (Latin Rite) Bishop François Oddo de Wilde, O.P ... Vicars Apostolic of Niangara (Roman rite) Bishop François Oddo de Wilde, O.P ...
Catholic Church Hierarchy - Bishop - Patriarchs
... The heads of some autonomous (in Latin, sui iuris) particular Churches consisting of several local Churches (dioceses) have the title of Patriarch ... was also called the Patriarch of the West, as head of the Latin Rite or Western particular Church, but this title is no longer in use ... There are also additional patriarchs in the Latin Rite Church ...
Sursum Corda - Latin Rite
... The full text in Latin is Priest Dominus vobiscum ... The Mozarabic Rite has its own text of the sursum corda, slightly different from other Latin Rites Priest Introibo ad altare Dei mei ...

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    Every ceremony or rite has a value if it is performed without alteration. A ceremony is a book in which a great deal is written. Anyone who understands can read it. One rite often contains more than a hundred books.
    George Gurdjieff (c. 1877–1949)

    [B]y going to the College [William and Mary] I shall get a more universal Acquaintance, which may hereafter be serviceable to me; and I suppose I can pursue my Studies in the Greek and Latin as well there as here, and likewise learn something of the Mathematics.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)