Late Triassic

The Late Triassic is in the geologic timescale the third and final of three epochs of the Triassic period. The corresponding series is known as the Upper Triassic. In the past it was sometimes called the Keuper, after a German lithostratigraphic group (a sequence of rock strata) that has a roughly corresponding age. The Late Triassic spans the time between ~235 Ma and 201.3 ± 0.2 Ma (million years ago). The Late Triassic is divided into the Carnian, Norian and Rhaetian ages.

Many of the first dinosaurs evolved during the Late Triassic, including Plateosaurus, Coelophysis, and Eoraptor.

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... and primitive ornithischians by the close of the Triassic period ... Late Triassic fossils are found throughout Africa, but are more common in the south than north ... The boundary separating the Triassic and Jurassic marks the advent of an extinction event with global impact, although African strata from this time period have ...
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... Australia and Antarctica, giving them a nearly worldwide distribution during the Late Triassic ... with scutes having been found from the late Carnian Timesgadiouine Formation in Morocco ... During the Late Triassic, Morocco would have been in close proximity with the Newark Supergroup of North America in the supercontinent of Pangaea ...
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... Other possible basal theropods, Alwalkeria from the Late Triassic Maleri Formation of India, and Teyuwasu, known from very fragmentary remains from the Late Triassic ...
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... who have studied the geology of the Gulf of Mexico, is that prior to Late Triassic, the Gulf of Mexico did not exist ... Before the Late Triassic, the area now occupied by the Gulf of Mexico consisted of dry land, which included continental crust that now underlies Yucatan, within the ... Cox, this mountain range was breached in Late Cretaceous times by the formation of the Mississippi Embayment ...

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