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Neoliberalism/Archive 1 - Expanded Definition - Corrupted Neoliberalism - Corporatocracy
... is a form of corporatocracy, the rule of a country by and for the benefit of large corporations ... Since large corporations tend to fulfil all the conditions of a wealthy entity, they accrue many of the same benefits over smaller businesses ... In addition, multinational corporations enjoy the benefits of neoimperialism on the international stage and can also move their base of operations from a country if that country pursues policies that it deems to be ...
Formal Democracy - Issues - Democracy and Political and Economic Freedom
... population, because, they believe, capitalism creates very large concentrations of money and property at the hands of a relatively small minority of the global human population (the Elite or The ... and society – characterized by the dominance of hierarchical, bureaucratic, large corporations, which are legally required to pursue profit ... has been criticized for the amount of power and influence corporations and large business interest groups have over government policy, including the policies of regulatory ...
Moral Mazes
... of fieldwork conducting interviews with managers in several large corporations in the early 1980s, Jackall describes the social construction of reality within large corporations in America ... Jackall argues that bureaucracy as implemented in the large American corporations he investigated "regularizes people's experiences of time and indeed routinizes their lives by engaging them on a ... These organizations, not named, are large and medium sized companies ...

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    The greater speed and success that distinguish the planting of the human race in this country, over all other plantations in history, owe themselves mainly to the new subdivisions of the State into small corporations of land and power.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Sure He that made us with such large discourse,
    Looking before and after, gave us not
    That capability and godlike reason
    To fust in us unused.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)