Lamina may refer to:

  • Lamina of the vertebral arch
  • Planar lamina, a two-dimensional planar closed surface with mass and density, in mathematics
  • Lamina face, a face sharing all edges, in computer graphics
  • A thin plate, sheet or layer, such as:
    • Lamina (algae), a structure in seaweeds
    • Basal lamina, a structure of a living cell
    • Nuclear lamina, another structure of a living cell
    • The flat part of a leaf, an organ of a plant.
    • A thin layer of sediment in sedimentary rocks and soils
  • Laminae, a part of the horse hoof
  • Lamina, a genus of the intertidal spider
  • Lamina VPN, a provider of internet security
  • skateboard shop, a skateboard shop and manufacturer in Finland
  • Lamia, a creature from Basque mythology.

Other articles related to "lamina":

Lamina Affixa
... Lamina affixa is a layer of epithelium growing on the surface of the thalamus and forming the floor of the central part of lateral ventricle, on whose medial margin is attached the choroid plexus of the ... On the surface of the terminal vein is a narrow white band, named the lamina affixa ... GDF-15/MIC-1 has been observed in lamina affixa cells ...
List Of Subjects In Gray's Anatomy: IX. Neurology - Development of The Nervous System (Gray's s184) - Medulla Spinalis - Gray's page #735
... Dorsal lamina (Alar lamina) Ventral lamina (Basal lamina) Terminal ventricle Oval bundle filum terminale ...
... neurosurgical procedure that removes part of a lamina of the vertebral arch in order to decompress the corresponding spinal cord and/or spinal nerve root ... in the removal of either the left or right half of the lamina, but is now more commonly carried out as the removal of a portion of both sides of the lamina (while retaining the rest to preserve ...
Medullary Laminae Of Thalamus
... The specific layers are Lamina medullaris lateralis (external medullary lamina) - separates ventral and lateral thalamus from the subthalamus and thalamic reticular nucleus ...