Lagoon-A-Beach - Body Slides

Body Slides

  • Pipeline: The Pipeline is forty feet tall and is well loved by many people who visit Lagoon-A-Beach. However, it has been criticized for being rather slow, especially towards the top.
  • Wipeout: This slide consists of one, large, clockwise loop. Many patrons love this ride because the centrifugal force generated on it causes them to go very fast.
  • Twist: This slide is so named because it actually twists around another water slide named "Shout".
  • Shout: Patrons on this water slide typically attain high speeds. Towards the bottom they go through many twists and turns and are usually thrown from left to right very rapidly. While some consider this to be unpleasant, others believe it to be exhilarating.
  • Sea Snake: The Sea Snake is the tallest of all of the body slides at Lagoon-A-Beach. Like the name implies, this slide has many twists and turns.

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