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Ladder Classes

The European Union and the United Kingdom established a ladder certification system – ladder classes, for any ladders manufactured or sold in Europe. The certification classes solely apply to ladders that are portable such as stepladders and extension ladders and are broken down into three types of certification. Each ladder certification is colour coded to indicate the amount of weight the ladder is designed to hold, the certification class and its use. The color can be found on the rubber feet of each ladder and on the certification symbol.

  • Class 1 ladder - for heavy-duty industrial uses, maximum load of 175kg. Colour coded blue to identify.
  • Class EN131 ladders - for commercial uses, maximum load of 150kg. Colour coded green or yellow to identify.
  • Class III ladders - for light, domestic uses, maximum load of 125 kg. Colour coded red to identify.

In the UK there are a number of British standards included in the three main ladder certifications relative to the particular ladder type. Relevant classifications include BS 1129:1990 (British) which applies to Timber Ladders and Steps; BS 2037:1994 (British) which applies to Metal and Aluminium Ladders and Steps and BS EN 131:1993 (European) which applies to both Timber and Aluminium Ladders and Steps.

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