La Pucelle

La Pucelle may refer to:

  • Gerard la Pucelle (circa 1117-1184), Roman Catholic bishop
  • La Pucelle (saint) (circa 1412-1431), a.k.a. Joan of Arc, virgin saint and national heroine of France
  • La Pucelle (ship), a fictional ship from Bernard Cornwell's novel Sharpe's Trafalgar
  • La Pucelle: Tactics, a tactical role-playing game
  • La Pucelle (violin), a.k.a. The Virgin, a 1709 violin made by Antonio Stradivari

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List Of Disgaea Characters - Other Characters - Cameos - Overlord Priere
... Voice Actor Jennifer Hale (La Pucelle) Original Nippon Ichi game La Pucelle Tactics Cameo Appearances Disgaea Hour of Darkness, Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories, Disgaea 3 ... As they grew older, they became a part of a group of Demon Hunters known as La Pucelle, who carried out jobs for the Church of the Holy Maiden ... she appears in the later games as an Overlord, which references a special ending in La Pucelle in which she becomes the Overlord after defeating numerous demons ...
La Pucelle: Tactics - Game Cross-overs
... of an Alternate Netherworld, an allusion to the hidden "ending" in La Pucelle where Prier ends up accidentally becoming a Demon Overlord if she gets too ... La Pucelle is loosely related to Nippon Ichi's Marl Kingdom series wherein several names and characters recur ... Nippon Ichi has announced a PSP port under the title of "La Pucelle+Ragnarok" ...
Name Of Joan Of Arc
... her mother's or her father's surname, but she often referred to herself as la Pucelle, which roughly translates as the Maiden ... and artistic works that refer to her often describe her as la Pucelle or the Maid of Orléans ... Her native village has been renamed Domrémy-la-Pucelle in reflection of that tradition ...
La Pucelle: Tactics - Story
... La Pucelle takes place in a kingdom named Paprica ... they also have a group of trained Demon Hunters called La Pucelle ... Two of La Pucelle's newest members are Prier, a sixteen-year-old girl, and her twelve-year-old brother Culotte ...