László Rátz

László Rátz (April 9, 1863 – September 30, 1930) was a Hungarian mathematics high school teacher best known for educating such people as John von Neumann and Nobel laureate Eugene Wigner.

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László Rátz - Recognizer and Nurturer of Talent
... László Rátz was such a teacher, with refined sense for talent that he dealt with as equals, as colleagues, as peers ... Eugene Wigner was asked in the late 1970s 'Do you remember Rátz?' to which he answered 'There he is!' and pointed to a picture of Rátz on his office wall ... Between 1894–1914 Rátz was editor-in-chief of the Középiskolai Matematikai és Fizikai Lapok, the legendary highschool mathematics journal of Hungary ...