Kung may refer to:

  • ǃKung people
  • ǃKung language
  • Kung (Haida village), an historical village of the Haida people of the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia, Canada; also Kung Indian Reserve No. 11 at the same location
  • Kung, alternate name of Kong, Iran, city on the Persian Gulf
  • Kung, an older transliteration of the common Chinese surname 孔, clan name of Confucius (Kong in pinyin)
  • Kung (宮), first note in the Chinese pentatonic scale or do
  • Andres Küng, Swedish journalist and politician
  • Hans Küng, Swiss ecumenical theologian
  • Patrick Küng (b. 1984), Swiss alpine ski racer
  • Kung, a song by the rock band Phish
  • Kung (comics), a supervillain from DC Comics
  • Kung, Sila Lat Sisaket Province, Thailand