Kora may refer to

  • Kora, Burkina Faso
  • Kora, Ethiopia
  • Kora-Foulbé, village in Bam province, Burkina Faso
  • Kora Jahanabad, town in Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Kora, Katihar, Bihar, India
  • Kora, Mali
  • Kora National Park, Coast Province, Kenya
  • ra, Shiga, Japan
  • Kora Velly or Qaravəlli, name of several places in Azerbaijan and Iran
  • Korha (Vidhan Sabha constituency), town in Katihar, Bihar, India
Buildings and ships
  • Chorten Kora, a stupa in East Bhutan
  • INS Kora (P61), a ship in the Indian Navy
  • Kōra Taisha, a Shinto shrine in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan
  • Kora Temple, a Masonic building in Lewiston, Maine
Languages and ethnic groups
  • Ampari kora, or Ampari Dogon, a language spoken in Mali
  • Kora people, also Cora or Aka-Kora, an indigenous tribe of the Andaman Islands, India
    • Kora or Aka-Kora language, formerly spoken in the Andaman Islands
  • !Kora or Korana language, spoken in South Africa
  • Bil Aka Kora (born 1971), musician from Burkina Faso
  • Kengo Kora (born 1987), a Japanese actor
  • Kora Karvouni (born 1980), Greek actress
  • Olga Jackowska (born 1951), Polish singer and songwriter known as "Kora"
  • Khora or Khôra, a Greek philosophical term
  • Kora (instrument), a stringed musical instrument of West African origin
  • Kora Awards, music awards for African music
  • Kora (band), a New Zealand reggae band
    • Kora (album), Kora album released in 2007
  • Kora class corvette, a type of ship used by the Indian Navy
  • KORA-FM, a radio station in Bryan, Texas
  • Kora Kora or coracora, a traditional canoe from the Moluccas, Indonesia
  • Kora (pilgrimage), a type of pilgrimage in the Buddhist tradition
  • Koras or Kurash or Köräş, a wrestling sport of Central Asia
  • Kora (sword), a type of sword from Nepal and India

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