Koch may refer to:

  • Koch (boat), a type of Arctic boat
  • Koch people (or Koche), an ethnic group originally from the ancient Koch kingdom in north east India
    • Koch language, a language spoken in India and Bangladesh
  • Koch (surname), people with this surname
  • Koch, Łódź Voivodeship, a village in central Poland
  • Koch, South Sudan, a village in Unity State, South Sudan
  • Koch County, an administrative area in Unity State, South Sudan
  • Koch Bihar, a princely state in north east India
  • Koch dynasty, a dynasty in Assam and Bengal, north east India
  • Koch method of learning Morse Code
  • Koch snowflake or star, and Koch curve
  • Koch's postulates, the criteria required to establish the etiology of an infectious disease
  • Koch's bacillus, a bacterial species that causes tuberculosis


Main article: Koch (surname) See also: Koch family
  • Amy Koch (b. 1971), Majority Leader in the Minnesota Senate
  • Aubrey Koch, pioneering Australian aviator
  • Carl Ludwig Koch, a German entomologist and arachnologist
  • Charles G. Koch, Chairman and CEO (Koch Industries)
    • Political activities of the Koch family, with brother David H. and late father Fred C.
  • Christof Koch, an American neuroscientist
  • David H. Koch, Executive Vice President (Koch Industries), son of Fred C.
  • Ed Koch, an American lawyer, politician (three term mayor of New York City), and political commentator
  • Erland von Koch, Swedish composer
  • Fred C. Koch (1900 – 1967), American chemical engineer and entrepreneur (Koch Industries)
    • Bill Koch (businessman), sailor; son of Fred C.
    • Frederick R. Koch, collector and philanthropist, son of Fred C.
  • Helge von Koch, a Swedish mathematician, namesake of the Koch snowflake
  • Julius Ludwig August Koch, German psychiatrist
  • Karl Koch, a German botanist
  • Ludwig Carl Christian Koch, a German entomologist specializing in arachnology, son of Carl Ludwig Koch
  • Robert Koch, a German physician and winner of the Nobel prize
  • Roland Koch, a German politician
  • Theodor Koch, a founder of Heckler & Koch
  • Thomaz Koch, a left-handed Brazilian tennis player
  • Wilhelm Daniel Joseph Koch, a German physician and botanist


  • Heckler & Koch, maker of firearms
  • Koch Entertainment LP, now known as E1 Entertainment
  • Koch Industries Petroleum, chemicals, energy, and commodities trading
  • Koch Media, a media distribution company from Germany
  • Koch Records, now known as E1 Music

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