Klein may refer to:

  • Klein, Montana, United States
  • Klein, Texas, United States
  • Klein (surname), a family name and persons so named
  • Klein Tools, a manufacturer
  • Klein (crater), a lunar feature
  • A brand of bicycle owned by Trek Bicycle Corporation

Other articles related to "klein":

Aaron E. Klein - Biography
... Klein had three careers As an instructor at the secondary and college levels, in the field of educational publishing, and writing advertising and editorial copy to be read by physicians ... Most of the time, Aaron Klein wrote his books as a part-time freelancer ... Klein wrote on a variety of topics, including genetics, African-American scientists and inventors, polio vaccines, botany, extra-sensory perception, electron microscopes ...
Klein, Texas - Parks and Recreation
... Harris County Precinct 4 operates the 7-acre (28,000 m2) Klein Park ... The park has four lighted athletic ball fields and toilet facilities ...
Biofact (philosophy) - History of The Concept
... Klein ... Addressing both microscopy and philosophy, Klein named a biofact something that is a visible dead product emerging from a living being while this being is still alive (e.g ... However, Klein's distinction operated with the difference biotic/abiotic and dead/alive, not with nature/technology and growth/man-made ...
Aaron Klein (disambiguation)
... Aaron Klein is a WorldNetDaily reporter, a radio host, and the author of Schmoozing with Terrorists ... Aaron Klein is also the name of Aaron E ... Klein (1930–1998), author of science and history of science books for young readers ...
Martin Klein
... Martin Klein is the name of Martin Klein (footballer) (born 1984), Czech international footballer Martin Klein (wrestler) (1884–1947), Estonian wrestler Martin J ... Klein (1924–2009), American professor of history R ... Martin Klein (born 1957), voice actor Marty Klein, sex therapist ...