King of The Romans

King of the Romans (Latin: Rex Romanorum) was, since the days of Emperor Henry II (1014–1024), the title used by the ruler of the Kingdom of Germany following his election to the office by the German princes. The title was predominantly a claim by the German kings to become emperor, a title, which in contemporary views of the Middle Ages, also had a religious aspect and was dependent on the coronation by the Pope.

The title originally referred to any elected king who had not yet been granted the Imperial Regalia and title of "Emperor" at the hands of the Pope; later it came to be used solely for the heir apparent to the Imperial throne between his election (during the lifetime of a sitting Emperor) and his succession on the Emperor's death.

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Ferdinand IV, King Of The Romans
... IV (8 September 1633 – 9 July 1654) was King of the Romans, King of Hungary, and King of Bohemia ... He was born in Vienna, the eldest son of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, and his first wife, Maria Ana of Spain ... He was made King of Bohemia in 1646, King of Hungary in 1647 (coronation took place on June 16 in Pressburg) and was elected King of the Romans (future ruler of the Holy Roman Empire) on 31 May 1653, and crowned at ...
Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor - Biography - King of The Romans
... After the death of King Rupert of Germany in 1410, Sigismund – ignoring the claims of his half-brother Wenceslaus – was elected as successor by three of the ... and Sigismund was again elected King on 21 July 1411 ...
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... Germany East Francia Kingdom of Germany Holy Roman Empire Eastward settlement Early Modern period Sectionalism 18th century Kingdom of Prussia Unification Confederation of the Rhine German ... German kings had been elected since the 9th century at that point they were chosen by the leaders of the five most important tribes (the Salian Franks of Lorraine, Ripuarian Franks of Franconia, Saxons ... In the Holy Roman Empire, the main dukes and bishops of the kingdom elected the King of the Romans ...
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... When Napoleon I of France had a son and heir, Napoleon II, he revived the title as King of Rome, styling his son as such ... The boy was often known colloquially by the title throughout his short life, although after 1815 he was more commonly referred to as the Duke of Reichstadt ...

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