King Ferdinand II

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Timeline Of Portuguese History (First Dynasty) - First Dynasty: House of Borgonha - 12th Century
... King Alfonso VII of Castile and León is proclaimed Imperator totius Hispaniae ... Prince Afonso Henriques acknowledges himself as vassal to King Alfonso VII of Castile and León, through the possession of Astorga ... Afonso Henriques becomes Afonso I, King of Portugal ...
Timeline Of The Muslim Presence In The Iberian Peninsula - Castile-Aragón Conquers The Kingdom of Granada (1481–1491)
... In support of his men at Alhama, King Ferdinand marches to Lucena, sends reinforcements to Alhama (30 April 1482), withdraws to Córdoba to organise a major force ... King Ferdinand II of Aragon attacks the Granadine city of Loja (1 July 1482) ... Ferdinand II of Aragon returns to Córdoba ...

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