Kickoff (gridiron Football)

Kickoff (gridiron Football)

A kickoff is a method of starting a drive in American football and Canadian football. Typically, a kickoff consists of one team – the "kicking team" – kicking the ball to the opposing team – the "receiving team". The receiving team is then entitled to return the ball, i.e., attempt to advance it towards the kicking team's end zone, until the player with the ball is tackled by the kicking team, goes out of bounds, or scores a touchdown. Kickoffs take place at the start of each half of play and any overtime period, and after each scoring play.

Common variants on the typical kickoff format include the onside kick, in which the kicking team attempts to regain possession of the ball; a touchback, which may occur if the ball is kicked into the receiving team's end zone; or a fair catch, in which a player on the receiving team waives his entitlement to attempt a return in exchange for a chance to catch the ball without interference from the kicking team. Additionally, penalties exist for various infractions such as a player violating his position restrictions prior to the kick (5-yard penalty), or if the ball goes out of bounds before touching a player (20 yards or placed at receiving team's 40-yard line, whichever is farther).

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Kickoff (gridiron Football) - Return
... To receive a kickoffand set up a kickoffreturn,the receiving team sets up their players starting from 10 yards back from the point the ball is kicked from ... There are usually one or two players positioned deep around the goal line)that will attempt to catch or pick up the ball after it is kicked off by the opposing team'skicker ... They will then attempt to carry the ball as far as possible upfield,without being tackled or running out of bounds ...