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Direct Anonymous Attestation - Historical Perspective
... using any standard signature scheme (or public key encryption) and a single key pair ... Manufacturers would embed the private key into every TPM produced and the public key would be published as a certificate ... Signatures produced by the TPM must have originated from the private key, by the nature of the technology, and since all TPMs use the same private key they are indistinguishable ...
History Of Cryptography - Modern Cryptography - Public Key
... It introduced a radically new method of distributing cryptographic keys, which went far toward solving one of the fundamental problems of cryptography, key ... of a new class of enciphering algorithms, the asymmetric key algorithms ... to that time, all useful modern encryption algorithms had been symmetric key algorithms, in which the same cryptographic key is used with the underlying ...
Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman - Key Establishment Protocol
... Suppose Alice wants to establish a shared key with Bob, but the only channel available for them may be eavesdropped by a third party ... Also, each party must have a key pair suitable for elliptic curve cryptography, consisting of a private key (a randomly selected integer in the interval ) and a public key (where ) ... Let Alice's key pair be and Bob's key pair be ...
MQV - Description
... Alice has a key pair (A,a) with A her public key and a her private key and Bob has the key pair (B,b) with B his public key and b his private key ... Step Operation 1 Alice generates a key pair (X,x) by generating randomly x and calculating X=xP with P a point on an elliptic curve. 2 Bob generates a key pair (Y,y) in the same way as Alice ...

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