Kenji Eno

Kenji Eno (飯野賢治, Iino Kenji?) (May 5, 1970 – February 20, 2013) was a Japanese musician and video game designer. He gained a reputation as a maverick during the mid-1990s for creating unorthodox games like Real Sound and is perhaps best remembered today for his rebellious marketing techniques. Outside of his native home land he was best known for his survival horror video games, the D series and Enemy Zero. Apart from creating video games, Eno was also a well-regarded electronic musician and he created the scores for several of his games. During his life, Eno founded the video game development companies: EIM, Ltd., WARP (later transformed into SuperWARP), and From Yellow to Orange. He also worked in a variety of fields apart from video games and music including the automotive, cellphone, tobacco, and hotel industries. Eno died on February 20th, 2013, due to heart failure brought on by hypertension. He was 42.

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