Kattoor, Thrissur - Kattoor Angady

Kattoor Angady

The Kattoor "Angady", well known for the early morning market, is situated in the banks of Kanoli Canal, which form most of the west boundary of Kattoor. Kattoor Angady has a "Chantha" (Commodity Exchange). It was famous due to its historical unique position. It is near to Kanoli Canal, it was close to old state borders and it has proximity to Arabian Sea.

Kattoor side of Kanoli Canal was a part of Travancore Cochin and the other side, Edamuttam side, was a part of Malabar District which was an administrative district of British India. During the period of British empire, Kanoli Canal connected the north end to the south end of the State. Main propose of Kanoli Canal was transportation of goods. This canal is also connected to Arabian Sea. Old days, for a trading boat comes from Arabian Sea through Kanoli Canal, Kattoor was the nearest main market place. Due to these reasons Kattor "Chantha" was Popular for exotic commodities comes from far distance. Merchants and farmers from nearby villages used to come to Kattoor "Chantha" to buy and sell goods and produces.

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