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Alternate Versions Of Batwoman - Characterization - Kathy Kane - Post-Crisis
... In the new continuity, Kathy Kane did exist, though her persona as Batwoman had been erased ... who had a somewhat similar costume and similar name, "Bette Kane" ... Kathy Kane's history is rewritten and her role as the original Batwoman is reinstated following the continuity-altering events of Infinite Crisis ...
List Of DC Animated Universe Characters - Restricted Characters - Batwoman: Kathy Kane
... Kathy Kane the original Silver age Batwoman could not appear as one of the three women to don the costume of Batwoman in the animated movie Batman Mystery of the ... Alan Burnett explains they had intended to use the name “Kathy Kane” but were asked to change it by DC Comics, thanks to some morally gray actions ... This resulted in the character of Kathy Duquesne being created for the show ...

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