Kathia Baba

Kathia Baba - Contemporary group named after the founder, and following the philosophy of Dvaitādvaita Vaishnava Vedanta.

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Vraja Parikrama - Kathia Baba
... line of Gurus the 50th Acharya Swami Indra Dasji Kathia Baba has started the method of wearing a solid wooden belt in the waist ... Until then the saints of this sect are called “Kathia Baba” ... The 54th Achayra Swami Ram Das Kathia Baba, Swami Santa Das Kathia and Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathia Baba ...
Kathia Baba - Services To Mankind
... values, humanity and affection to each other by flooding pure and unconditional love, Sri Kathia Baba Charitable Trust maintains its position above politics ... Truthfulness Honesty Sri Kathia Baba Charitable Trust is promised to maintain transparency in receiving and spending the funds, which come mostly from devotees across India and all over the world ...
Nimbarka - The Disciplic Tradition Today
... following disciplic lineages, there are many branches, including the line of Kathia Baba ... Svabhuram Devacarya was the elder disciple of Swami Shri Harivyasa Devacarya, and Kathiya Baba follows this tradition of saints ... (Branch).In this same tradition Svami Ramdas Kathia Baba came to Vrindavan and made his first monastery there ...