Kangaroo Route

The Kangaroo Route traditionally refers to air routes flown by Qantas between the countries of Australia and the United Kingdom, via the Eastern Hemisphere. The term is trademarked by Qantas, although it is used in the media and by airline competitors.

By 2003 over 20 airlines operated the route. Qantas, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways offer a continuous flight number, albeit with a single stopover, and only from Melbourne Airport and Sydney Airport.

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... Southern Cross Route is a term for passenger flights from Australasia to Europe via the Western Hemisphere ... The Kangaroo route is its counterpart running through the Eastern Hemisphere, with many more flights ... were invented by airlines when they started flying the two routes (Qantas on the Kangaroo Route, British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines on the Southern Cross), so they have no "official" definitions probably no airline ...
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... The book Beyond the Blue Horizon by travel correspondent Alexander Frater documents the author's attempt to fly all the sectors on the original 1935 Imperial/Qantas London-Brisbane route in 1984. ...

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