Kan or KAN may refer to:

  • Iwasawa decomposition (KAN) a mathematical process dealing with Lie groups
  • Club of Committed Non-Party Members (KAN), a tiny liberal party in the Czech Republic
  • Kan variation of the Sicilian Defence, a chess opening

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List Of Fist Of The North Star Chapters - Japanese Tankōbon Volumes
... "A Cry From The Heart" (心の叫びの巻, "Kokoro no Sakebi no Kan"?) 002 ... the Sky" (怒り天を衝く時!の巻, "Ikari Ten o Tsuku Toki! no Kan"?) 003 ... (秘拳!残悔拳の巻, "Hiken! Zankai Ken no Kan"?) 004 ...
Morita Kanya XIV
... Morita Kan'ya XIV (十四代目 守田 勘弥, Jūyondaime Morita Kan'ya?, 8 March 1907-28 March 1975) was a Japanese kabuki actor ... Kan'ya is also known for his early postwar film career, and as the adoptive father of Bandō Tamasaburō V, the most famous and popular onnagata (specialist in female roles) of today ...
See-Saw Game (Yūkan Na Koi No Uta)
... "See-Saw Game (Yūkan na Koi no Uta)" (シーソーゲーム 〜勇敢な恋の歌〜?) is the ninth single released by Mr ... single "Es (Theme of Es)," "See-Saw Game (Yūkan na Koi no Uta)" was certified as a million-selling single of 1995 by the Recording Industry Association of ...
Kan - Weights and Measures
... Catty, or kan (斤), a Chinese unit of weight equal to 16 tael A Japanese unit of mass, equal to 1,000 momme (kan (貫) or kanme (貫目)) ...
Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami - Plot Summary - Act V
... In the aftermath of Kan Shōjō's death, discussions are held regarding the succession of Kan Shūsai, his son, to the head of the Sugawara clan ... argues that the storm must be caused by Kan Shōjō's angry spirit, and that acknowledging his innocence and restoring the honor of his family by making Shūsai its head ... Shihei grabs Kan Shūsai, threatening to kill him, and declaring that nothing, not even a thunder god, will stand in the way of him overthrowing the emperor and seizing power for himself ...

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