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Kamen Rider Stronger

As Stronger, he uses the power of electricity that flows throughout his body. All his attacks were based on electricity, and the cyborg aspect of his body is much more prominent than in the previous series; for instance, his hands were metal coils that had to be covered when he was not transformed. Additionally, the "form change" motif makes its first appearance in Stronger. Stronger's "Charge-Up!" mode predates Robo Rider and Bio Rider of Kamen Rider Black RX, and the primary themes of many Heisei Kamen Rider Series where the main characters' ability is to change forms during battle to adjust varying situations. Kamen Rider Kabuto, where each Rider character can shift between a bulky armoured form and a lightly covered, fast form, also features this concept prominently.

Earlier Kamen Riders had "charge up" modes but without a change in appearance. Riders 1, 2 and V3 simply had a charge up sound effect. Kamen Rider X had smoke pour out of his body.

Combat techniques:

  • Stronger Electro Kick (ストロンガー電キック, Sutorongā Den Kikku?)
  • Double Kick (ダブルキック, Daburu Kikku?)
  • Stronger Double Kick (ストロンガーダブルキック, Sutorongā Daburu Kikku?)
  • Screw Kick (スクリューキック, Sukuryū Kikku?)
  • Electro Kick (エレクトロキック, Erekutoro Kikku?)
  • Return Kick (反転キック, Hanten Kikku?)
  • Electro Punch (電パンチ, Den Panchi?)
  • Ultra Punch (ウルトラパンチ, Urutora Panchi?)
  • Electro Chop (電チョップ, Den Choppu?)
  • Electro Fire (エレクトロファイヤー, Erekutoro Faiyā?)
  • Electro Touch (電タッチ, Den Tatchi?)
  • Electro Shock (電ショック, Den Shokku?)
  • Electro Beam (電気ビーム, Denki Bīmu?)
  • Electro Stream (電気ストリーム, Denki Sutorīmu?)
  • Electro Water Fall (エレクトロウォーターフォール, Erekutoro Wōtā Fōru?)
  • Electro Thunder (エレクトロサンダー, Erekutoro Sandā?)
  • Reverse Breaker (反転ブリーカー, Hanten Burīkā?)
  • Electro Magnet (電気マグネット, Denki Magunetto?)
  • Magnet Power Change (マグネットパワーチェンジ, Magunetto Pawā Chenji?)
  • Anti-Magnetic Force Line (反磁力線, Han Jiryokusen?)
  • Electrolysis (電気分解, Denki Bunkai?)
  • Rider Video Signal (ライダービデオシグナル, Raidā Bideo Shigunaru?)
  • Kabuto Catcher (カブトキャッチャー, Kabuto Kyatchā?)
  • Stronger Barrier (ストロンガーバリア, Sutorongā Baria?)
  • Battery Short (バッテリーショート, Batterī Shōto?)
  • Super Electron Ultra Cyclone (超電子ウルトラサイクロン, Chō Denshi Urutora Saikuron?): In Kamen Rider Spirits.

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