Kaf or KAF may refer to:

  • KAF-10500, a CCD imaging sensor designed
  • KAF Radio, an independently owned radio station, located at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan
  • Kaph, the eleventh letter of many Semitic abjads
  • Cafre, a person born in Réunion of Malagasy and/or African origins
  • Communist Workers League (Sweden) (Swedish: Kommunistiska Arbetarförbundet), a Swedish Trotskyist political party now called the Socialist Party
  • Kandahar International Airport, located south-east of Kandahar City in Afghanistan
  • Kenya Air Force, the national Air Force of Kenya
  • Khmer National Air Force, the air force branch of the Khmer National Armed Forces, the official military of the Khmer Republic during the Cambodian Civil War between 1970 and 1975
  • Korean Alpine Federation
  • Kuwait Air Force, the national Air Force of Kuwait
  • Kyrgyz Air, a privately owned airline based in Kyrgyzstan

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... KAF Radio 107.9 grew out of frustrations of piped-in, satellite radio aboard the facility ... The only Westernized options before KAF Radio 107.9 was Armed Forces Network and Canadian Forces channels playing pop-rock and various other formats depending on the day of the week and time ... As of February 20, 2009, KAF Radio 107.9 has changed ownership and will be operated under new management beginning March 01 This article about an Afghan media outlet is a stub ...
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