Justice - Understandings of Justice

Understandings of Justice

Understandings of justice differ in every culture, as cultures are usually dependent upon a shared history, mythology and/or religion. Each culture's ethics create values which influence the notion of justice. Although there can be found some justice principles that are one and the same in all or most of the cultures, these are insufficient to create a unitary justice apprehension.

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Understandings of Justice - Justice As A Subordinate Value
... According to utilitarian thinkers including John Stuart Mill, justice is not as fundamental as we often think ... So, the proper principles of justice are those that tend to have the best consequences ... Either way, what is important is those consequences, and justice is important, if at all, only as derived from that fundamental standard ...

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    Justice to my readers compels me to admit that I write because I have nothing to do; justice to myself induces me to add that I will cease to write the moment I have nothing to say.
    —C.C. (Charles Caleb)