Jonathan Wild

Jonathan Wild (baptised 6 May 1683 – 24 May 1725) was perhaps the most infamous criminal of London — and possibly Great Britain — during the 18th century, both because of his own actions and the uses novelists, playwrights, and political satirists made of them. He invented a scheme which allowed him to run one of the most successful gangs of thieves of the era, all the while appearing to be the nation's leading policeman. He manipulated the press and the nation's fears to become the most loved public figure of the 1720s; this love turned to hatred when his villainy was exposed. After his death, he became a symbol of corruption and hypocrisy.

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... Jonathan Wild is famous today not so much for setting the example for organized crime as for the uses satirists made of his story ... When Wild was hanged, the papers were filled with accounts of his life, collections of his sayings, farewell speeches and the like ... Genuine Account of the Life and Actions of the Late Jonathan Wild in June 1725 ...
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