• (adv): In collaboration or cooperation.
    Example: "This paper was written jointly"
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... practice where two individual entities companies create and jointly develop a new product, service or brand (and normally jointly promote it) ... Examples Apple and Nike jointly developing a new service for joggers Omega and the James Bond franchise partnered to promote the films and the company's watches Companies such as ...
Alliance Marketing
... Alliance marketing is marketing activity undertaken by more than one entity, jointly to promote and sell a concept, product or service which has benefit to all the stakeholders ... Alliance where hotels, restaurants and attractions come together to jointly fund and market their destination ... The stakeholders understand that by marketing their destination jointly and pooling their resources that the marketing impact they can achieve will be stronger and benighted all ...
Avishai Margalit - Publications - Logic and Rationality
... “Newcomb’s Problem Revisited” (jointly with M ... Irrational, the Unreasonable, and the Wrong” (jointly with M ... “Gideon’s Paradox – a Paradox of Rationality” (jointly with M ...
András Kornai - Selected Papers
... Hunmorph open source word analysis (Jointly with V ... source ispell codebase for minority language analysis (Jointly with P ... of Theoretical Physics 2003/2 301-307 Mathematical Linguistics (Jointly with G.K ...
Moriz Henneberger
... He was Swiss Champion in 1899, 1906 (jointly), 1909, 1911 (jointly), and 1914 (jointly) ...

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Famous quotes containing the word jointly:

    The intent of matrimony, is not for man and wife to be always taken up with each other, but jointly to discharge the duties of civil society, to govern their family with prudence, and educate their children with discretion.
    Anonymous, U.S. women’s magazine contributor. Weekly Visitor or Ladies Miscellany (June 1807)

    For, truly speaking, whoever provokes me to a good act or thought has given me a pledge of his fidelity to virtue,—he has come under the bonds to adhere to that cause to which we are jointly attached.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)