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John Walsh generated a great deal of controversy during a summer press tour in 2006 when he stated to the media he jokingly told senators to implant "exploding" chips in the anuses of sex offenders:

"I said implant it in their anus and if they go outside the radius, explode it, that would send a big message."

Walsh stated it was a "joke," but that "nobody thought it was funny. Even though most people thought it was really funny!" Other quotes from the 2006 Summer Press Tour: "I'm all for criminals doing their time, all for rehabilitation, all for a second chance," followed almost immediately by "I say put the pedophiles down in the yard. Put them in there. Let them do the time with the rest of the guys. Let them see what it's like to be terrorized by a 250-pound guy."

When a photographer employed by Fox elected to get into a conversation with Walsh about marking sexual offenders, Walsh mentioned bracelets for perpetrators. The photographer replied, "Not bracelets. Not bracelets. The bracelet is bullshit. The bracelet is bullshit. John, you know that. It's BS." Walsh then sarcastically suggested implanting GPS chips to which the photographer replied, "I'll say. Bury it deep inside them is what I say. I don't care how big it is." Walsh replied, "I love your attitude."

John Walsh also faced criticism when he advised women to never hire a male babysitter. "It's not a witch hunt," he said. "It's all about minimizing risks. What dog is more likely to bite and hurt you? A Doberman, not a poodle. Who's more likely to molest a child? A male."

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