John Ridge

John Ridge, born Skah-tle-loh-skee (Yellow Bird) (c. 1802 – June 22, 1839), was from a prominent family of the Cherokee Nation, then located in present-day Georgia. He went to Cornwall, Connecticut to study at the Foreign Mission School. He met Sarah Bird Northup, of a Yankee New England family, and they married in 1824. Soon after their return to New Echota in 1825, Ridge was chosen for the Cherokee National Council and became a leader in the tribe.

In the 1830s, he was part of the Treaty Party with his father Major Ridge and cousins Elias Boudinot and Stand Watie. Believing that Indian Removal was inevitable, they supported making a treaty with the United States government to protect Cherokee rights. Ridge and Boudinot were both signatories to the Treaty of New Echota of 1835, by which they ceded Cherokee lands east of the Mississippi in exchange for lands in Indian Territory. The land cession was opposed by the majority of the tribe and the Principal Chief John Ross, but the treaty was ratified by the US Senate. In 1839, after removal to Indian Territory, opponents assassinated the Ridges, Boudinot, and other Treaty Party members for their roles in the land cession. Stand Watie survived an attack.

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Cherokee Removal - Treaty of New Echota
... Led by Major Ridge, his son John Ridge, and nephews Elias Boudinot and Stand Watie, they became known as the “Ridge Party”, or the “Treaty Party” ... The Ridge Party believed that it was in the best interest of the Cherokees to get favorable terms from the U.S ... John Ridge began unauthorized talks with the Jackson administration in the late 1820s ...
Treaty Of New Echota - Division of The Cherokee Nation East
... developed between Ross supporters (the "National Party") advocating resistance, and the Ridge supporters (the "Treaty Party"), who advocated negotiation to secure the best terms possible for the ... The Treaty Party included John Ridge, Major Ridge, Elias Boudinot, David Watie, Stand Watie, Willam Coody (Ross' nephew), William Hicks (Ross' cousin), Andrew Ross (John's younger brother), John ... John Fields, John Gunter, David Vann, Charles Vann, Alexander McCoy, W.A ...
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... After the treaty signing, Ridge moved with his family, his father and most of his siblings, his uncle (David Watie), and Watie cousins to what is now Indian Territory ... The Ridges and other families joined the "Old Settlers" of the Cherokee Nation West under Principal Chief John Jolly. 1839, a group of 25 pro-Ross partisans of the "Late Comers" assassinated Ridge, his father, and Boudinot for having signed the treaty to cede Cherokee lands ...
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... party was Sam Houston, adopted son of John Jolly ... February 1833 President Jackson offered John Ross $3 million dollars and equivalent land in the west for the removal of the Cherokee Nation East Ross refused ... William Hicks as principal chief of their faction and John McIntosh as his assistant ...

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