John Paul II

  • (noun): The first Pope born in Poland (born in 1920).
    Synonyms: Karol Wojtyla

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List Of Polish Cardinals
... As Pope John Paul II, he elevated ten of his compatriots to cardinalate, the largest number of Polish cardinals created by a single pope ... Karol Wojtyła Wadowice, 18 May 26 ... June 1967 by Pope Paul VI Cardinal Priest of S ... – participated, elected Rome, 2 April 2005 Elected pope on 16 October 1978, took the name John Paul II ...
Shrine Church Of St. Stanislaus (Cleveland, Ohio) - History - 21st Century
... Stanislaus with John Paul II ... Kucharska, after a transatlantic flight that week, added a golden Halo around John Paul's head on April 29, 2011 ... "We will have the first official image of Blessed John Paul II in the world," claimed Surufka ...
List Of Places Named After Pope John Paul II - Public Areas - Streets, Roads and Avenues - Other Countries
... of the Klostergasse (near the city's cathedral was renamed Johannes-Paul-II.-Straße ... In Puebla City, Mexico John Paul II Circuit (Circuito Juan Pablo II) In Mexico City, Mexico John Paul II street (Avenida Juan Pablo II) is the residence where he used to stay at his four visits to the ... In Guadalajara, Mexico John Paul II Ave ...
List Of People Beatified By Pope John Paul II - Blesseds in The Year 1979 - 29 April 1979
... Francisco Coll Guitart (1812-1875) Jacques-Désiré Laval (1803-1864) Blessed John Paul II Timeline Emilia Wojtyła (mother) Karol Wojtyła (father) Early life Papal conclave Assassination attempt Funeral Beatification and canonisation Acts as Pope Apologies People beatified Saints canonized Pastoral visits Mediation in the Beagle conflict Relations Eastern Orthodox Church Judaism Teachings Documents endorsed Catechism of the Catholic Church Quattuor Abhinc Annos We Remember A Reflection on the Shoah Other Political views Scriptural Way of the Cross World Day of the Sick Bibliography Apostolic constitutions Sacrae Disciplinae Leges Pastor Bonus Ex Corde Ecclesiae Fidei depositum Universi Dominici Gregis Apostolic exhortations Catechesi Tradendae Familiaris Consortio Reconciliatio et Paenitentia Christifideles Laici Redemptoris Custos Pastores Dabo Vobis Ecclesia in America Ecclesia in Asia Ecclesiastical letters Dominicae Cenae Ordinatio Sacerdotalis Letter to Women Ad Tuendam Fidem Novo Millennio Ineunte Misericordia Dei Rosarium Virginis Mariae Encyclicals Redemptor Hominis Dives in Misericordia Laborem Exercens Slavorum Apostoli Dominum et Vivificantem Redemptoris Mater Sollicitudo Rei Socialis Redemptoris Missio Centesimus Annus Veritatis Splendor Evangelium Vitae Ut Unum Sint Fides et Ratio Ecclesia de Eucharistia Books Love and Responsibility Crossing the Threshold of Hope Memory and Identity Other The Jeweler's Shop Theology of the Body "Roman Triptych" Testament Eponymous places US high schools East Boca Raton, Florida Tallahassee, Florida Jasper, Indiana Slidell, Louisiana Hyannis, Massachusetts Royersford, Pennsylvania Upper Providence Township, Pennsylvania Hendersonville, Tennessee Corpus Christi, Texas Plano, Texas Schertz, Texas Dumfries, Virginia Lacey, Washington Other high schools Rotorua, New Zealand London, Canada Toronto, Canada Greymouth, New Zealand Tarnów, Poland Colleges / universities John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II Institute John Paul II Minor Seminary John Paul the Great Catholic University Pontifical University of John Paul II Pope John Paul II College of Education Airports João Paulo II Airport John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice Karol Wojtyła Airport Bridges El Puente del Papa John Paul II Bridge, Puławy Juan Pablo II Bridge Third Millennium John Paul II Bridge Other Blessed John Paul II Shrine Ioannes Paulus II Peninsula John Paul II Catholic School John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization John Paul II Collection Museum John Paul II Foundation for Research and Treatment Pope John Paul II Park Reservation In popular culture Films Pope John Paul II The Papal Chase Have No Fear The Life of Pope John Paul II The Pope's Toilet Nine Days that Changed the World TV miniseries Karol A Man Who Became Pope Karol The Pope, The Man Pope John Paul II In Search of the Pope's Children Other The Planet Is Alive...Let it Live! Red Rabbit The Pope's Children Credo John Paul II Other Abbà Pater Criticism Health Holy Father John Paul II Family Home in Wadowice John Paul II Foundation Monuments Tiara BookPope John Paul II . ...
Social And Political Stances Of Pope John Paul II - Scientific Theories and The Interpretation of Genesis
... the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Pope John Paul II reaffirmed the Church's openness to the theory of evolution "In his encyclical Humani Generis (1950), my ... sought -- constitutes in itself a significant argument in favour of the theory." (John Paul II, Message to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Evolution) In the same address, the Pope rejected any ... not wish to teach how heaven was made but how one goes to heaven." (Pope John Paul II, 3 October 1981 to the Pontifical Academy of Science, "Cosmology and Fundamental Physics") ...

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    I do not wish to see John ever again,—I mean him who is dead,—but that other, whom only he would have wished to see, or to be, of whom he was the imperfect representative. For we are not what we are, nor do we treat or esteem each other for such, but for what we are capable of being.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)