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John II, Count Palatine Of Simmern - Children
9 March 1527) Sabina (13 June 1528 – 19 June 1578) Helena (13 June 1532 – 5 February 1579) John II, Count Palatine of Simmern House of Wittelsbach Born 20 March ...
Catalonian Civil War - War Against John II
... John II took his first major offensive against the Principality by occupying Balaguer on 5 June ... August the Generalitat offered the crown to Henry IV of Castile, who accepted and sent John of Beaumont as his lieutenant ... John II meanwhile marched on Lleida, which he did not besiege ...
Marie Of Orléans, Viscountess Of Narbonne - Ancestors
... Ancestors of Marie of Orléans, Viscountess of Narbonne 16 ... John II of France 8 ...
Catalonian Civil War
... The Catalonian Civil War, also called the War against John II, was a civil war in the Principality of Catalonia between 1462 and 1472 ... The two factions, the royalists who supported John II of Aragon and the Catalan constitutionalists (Catalanists, pactists, and foralists), disputed the extent of royal rights in Catalonia ... entered the war at times on the side on John II and at times with the Catalans ...
Philip, Count Of Longueville - Alliance With England
... On 5 April 1356 John II unexpectedly, and to contemporaries quite shockingly, personally had Charles II arrested while he was attended a council of the leading noblemen of Normandy ... After a brief attempt to negotiate with John II he withdrew to the Cotentin where he set up headquarters at Cherbourg and proclaimed himself his ... The raid also caused John II to be caught in a pointless siege of Breteuil instead of focusing on the threatening events taking place to the south ...

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