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Jerry Northington is a lifelong Democrat and a regular blogger for the Daily Kos and several other political blog-sites, including Never In Our Names, Truth and Progress, Be-Think.Org, and He writes under the name "possum." Not content to advocate peace without actively doing something about it, he also is an active member of Delaware Pacem in Terris and participates in weekly vigils against the war. His letters to the editor have been published frequently in the Wilmington-based News Journal.

Dr. Northington believes that current U.S. policy is pursuing a course “that will bankrupt our nation, despoil our environment, and bring death and despair to many around the globe. Thousands of American and Iraqi lives have been lost in the pursuit of fossil fuels, instead of developing a sustainable economy based on renewable resources here at home.”

Dr. Northington is committed to ending the Iraq War; guaranteeing a living wage through increased numbers of available jobs; providing a secure pension system, an appropriate and affordable education system, and health care that meets the needs of everyone at every stage of their lives.

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