Jerry may refer to:

  • Jerry (given name), a unisex given name (including a list of people and fictional characters with the name)
  • Jerry (racehorse), winner of the 1840 Grand National
  • Jerry Mouse, a fictional mouse in the Tom and Jerry cartoons
  • Jerry the Tyke, a fictional dog who had his own cartoon series between 1925 and 1927
  • Jerry (film), a 2006 Indian film

Other articles related to "jerry":

Jerry Livingston
... Jerry Livingston (né Jerry Levinson March 25, 1909, Denver, CO – July 1, 1987, Beverly Hills, CA) was an American songwriter, and dance orchestra pianist ...
The Seinfeld Chronicles - References in Later Episodes
... The opening scene in which Jerry and George talk about the placement of a shirt button is repeated almost word for word in the final scene of "The Finale", the final episode of Seinfeld (with ... In season 3's "The Dog", Jerry is asked if he has any pets, but he says "No ... for the main story arc of season 4, in which Jerry and George write a sitcom pilot for NBC called Jerry ...
New Kid Co - Games - Games Developed
... The Extra-Terrestrial Tom and Jerry Infurnal Escape U.S ... Winnie the Pooh Adventures in the 100 Acre Woods GameCube Little League Baseball 2002 Tom and Jerry War of the Whiskers PlayStation Disney's Goofy's Fun House Little League Baseball ... Little League Baseball Tom and Jerry War of the Whiskers ...
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver - Composition and History
... Despite popular belief, "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" was not the first ever Primus single ... released on an indie record it had limited popularity, whereas "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" was released on a major label, allowing for greater availability at record ... "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" received heavy airplay on rock radio, and peaked at number 23 on the Modern Rock Tracks in 1991 ...

Famous quotes containing the word jerry:

    Then word goes forth in Formic:
    “Death’s come to Jerry McCormic,
    Our selfless forager Jerry.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Remember, a woman has to work harder than a man and have more patience in order to achieve success.
    Margaret Mary Morgan, U.S. suffragist, print shop owner, and politician. As quoted in Dianne Feinstein, ch. 5, by Jerry Roberts (1994)

    Dianne’s not one of the boys, but she’s not one of the girls, either.
    Marcia Smolens, U.S. political campaign aide. As quoted in Dianne Feinstein, ch. 15, by Jerry Roberts (1994)