Jatra can mean:

  • Jatra (Nepal) street festival
  • Jatra (Marathi) street festival or Carnival
  • Jatara (Telugu) street festival or Carnival
  • Jatra (Bengal) form of entertainment
  • Jatra (film)

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Bhunjia - Language
... River Western Odisha Culture, Festival Dhanu Jatra Ghumura Dance Jiuntia Kalasi Jatra Karma dance Kosal Tihar Lanka Podi Nuakhai Puspuni Sitalsasthi Carnival ...
Jatra (Bengal)
... Jatra (origin Yatra meaning procession or journey in Sanskrit) is a popular folk-theatre form of Bengali theatre, spread throughout most of Bengali speaking ... The word `jatra' means journey or going ... The origin of jatra intrinsically a musical theatre form, is traditionally credited to the rise Sri Chaitanya's Bhakti movement, wherein Chaitanya himself played Rukmini in the ...
Madhyapur Thimi
... It is famous for its pottery and cultural programs like Bisket jatra, Gai jatra and other dancing jatra ...
Surada - Attractions
... Danda Nacha - Danda Nacha(Jatra) are ritualistic performances held during the month of Chaitra for a period of 14days ... Ratha Jatra - This town is famous for Ratha Jatra of "Lord Jagannath" ... Kanta Pidha Jatra - It is a very famous fastival of Surada ...
Asmita Resource Centre For Women - Outreach - Jatras
... Outreach programs also include the Mahila Chaitanya Jatra ... The Jatra is an event which seeks to reach out to illiterate and neo literate women from rural areas ... The texts used in the Jatras provide women with simplified information that may otherwise be difficult for them to attain ...