Jake Harrison - Sheila Price - Character History

Character History

Sheila arrived in fictional Llanview as the rehabilitation therapist who assists leading heroine Viki Lord Buchanan in recovering from a stroke in 1990. Sheila becomes the love interest of Llanview police chief Troy Nichols; Sheila's younger sister Rika Price (Vanita Harbour) was a scholarship student at Llanview University. Enormously overprotective of Rika, Sheila objected to Rika dating Troy's troublesome son Kerry Nichols. This situation caused much tension between Sheila and Troy. Rika and Kerry left town in 1991; Troy remained until 1993. Rika was never mentioned again, not even showing up for Sheila's wedding to Hank Gannon.

Sheila's previously never-mentioned brother Dr. Ben Price (Charles Malik Whitfield from 1993–94, Peter Parros 1994–95) arrives to town in 1993, and steals Rachel Gannon away from Kevin Buchanan. Ben saves Viki's life by determining the cause of the deadly flu virus that was sweeping through Llanview. Still, Rachel dumps him and he loses his job at the hospital. Ben briefly flirts with Marty Saybrooke, but nothing comes of it; he leaves town in 1995.

After suffering a miscarriage, Sheila divorces Hank and leaves Llanview in 1996.

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