Jain Irrigation Systems - History and Growth - Growth (1989 - )


  • 1989: Beginning in 1989, Jain Irrigation struggled to pioneer water management through micro-irrigation in India. Jain Irrigation has successfully introduced some high-tech concepts to Indian agriculture, such as the integrated system approach, one-stop-shops for farmers, and infrastructure status to micro-irrigation & farm as industry.
  • 1994: Jain diversified into food processing and set up world-class facilities vegetable dehydration and the production of fruit purees, concentrates, and pulp. Currently this facility is adopting ISO 9001 & HACCP certified and international FDA statute requirements. This facility will help combine the modern technologies of the west with the vast, mostly untapped agriculture resources of India, using local human resources.
  • 2002 - : After being caught between severe liquidity crunch, making lot of loss and mounting pressure from the banks and financial institutions to immediately clear overdue liabilities, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL) has decided to raise funds by way of offering majority equity holding in the company in favour of Aqua International Partners LP. JISL is out from a bad financial patch of 4 years and start growing rapidly. Its net profit has more than doubled from Rs 32.4 crore in fiscal 2004-05 to Rs 67.17 crore in fiscal 2005-06. Exports have contributed Rs 289 crore to Jain's overall revenue.
  • 2005 - : Jain produced individually quick-frozen (IQF) food products like frozen mango slices in agreement with the Taiyo Kagaku Company Ltd, Japan.
  • 2006 - : Jain continued acquiring companies to expand its business penetration. After acquisitions it is became second-largest irrigation company and third-largest dehydrated onion producer in the world. It is also largest processor of fruits & vegetables within India.

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