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Abuna Basilios - Early Life
... During the Italian invasion, Ichege Gebre Giyorgis accompanied Emperor Haile Selassie and the Ethiopian troops to the Battle of Maychew following the ... During the Italian occupation, Ichege Gebre Giyorgis lived in exile in Jerusalem, where he remained in touch with the Arbegnoch, or resistance fighters inside Ethiopia ... During the Italian occupation, the Coptic Archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, "Abune" Kerrilos had initially submitted to Italian rule ...
Mehdi Frashëri - Biography - Italian Occupation
... to refuse to sign a declaration in support of the Italians ... Despite Italian guarantees, Frashëri was soon arrested and interned in Italy ... the hopes of establishing closer relations and to gain some protection for the Albanians from the Italians ...
Postage Stamps And Postal History Of Dalmatia - Italian Occupation
... The stamps were produced as surcharges of Italian stamps the first appeared 1 May 1919, and consisted of the Italian 1-lira overprinted "una / corona" ... Soon after the annexed territories switched to Italian currency and stamps ... They are easily confused with the Italian issues used in occupied Austria the Dalmatian overprints are distinguished by their use of a sans serif typeface ...
Potsdam Agreement - Protocol
... This section covered reparation claims of the USSR from the Soviet occupation zone in Germany ... three Allies would support an application from a democratic Italian government for membership of the United Nations ... Territorial Trusteeship Italian former colonies would be decided in connection with the preparation of a peace treaty for Italy ...
List Of Postal Services Abroad - List
... Austrian Post Abroad Italy (Austrian Occupation) 1918 only Lombardy and Venetia 1850–1866 Montenegro (Austrian Occupation) 1917 only Romania (Austrian Occupation) 1917–1918 Serbia (Austrian Occupation ...

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    Semantically, taste is rich and confusing, its etymology as odd and interesting as that of “style.” But while style—deriving from the stylus or pointed rod which Roman scribes used to make marks on wax tablets—suggests activity, taste is more passive.... Etymologically, the word we use derives from the Old French, meaning touch or feel, a sense that is preserved in the current Italian word for a keyboard, tastiera.
    Stephen Bayley, British historian, art critic. “Taste: The Story of an Idea,” Taste: The Secret Meaning of Things, Random House (1991)